Polymer Clay Watches For Creative Fashion Statements

A lot of people are into crafts, like jewelry making, making accessories out of beads, wires and other embellishments. It is very common to see their works in the malls. If you are one of those who love such accessories, or like to work with details and tinker on such, then you might also enjoy the craft of polymer clay.

Whether you are an intricate artist or a budding enthusiast of polymer clay crafts, you would always appreciate a creative design input. While they may not be as popular as canes and necklaces, polymer clay watches are as fashionably trendy as they come.

Designs for polymer clay watches are infinitely creative. If you fancy beads or faces, you can create a unique watch design that incorporates either or both. Use multiple colors of it, mold them into various sizes and shapes, carve them with unique designs, add colored beads, and piece it together. You can actually create a watch to suit your mood and style.

Watches are no longer just time pieces. They are fashion statements and mood indicators also. Polymer clay jewelry watches bring together a unique, stylish blend of elaborate design and originality.

Artists selling their own line of polymer clay jewelry could make one unique polymer clay watch just for you. Good artists capture your personality into their designs. You’d be amazed.

Alternatively, if you prefer to unleash your own innovative genius and craft one your own, you won’t be lacking in resources and support. There are a lot of resources to help you create you own. You get demos on various TV shows featuring arts and crafts. You can also purchase starter kits with demo videos. Online, there’s a wealth of blogs or community sites that could give you a blow-by-blow on how to make one yourself.

What’s more? If you are enjoying making your own designs and are seriously taking up the hobby, you can branch out to other jewelry pieces. Make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with unique designs. You can have a whole line of fine polymer clay jewelry pieces and create your own brand. While there are already plenty of people doing the same thing, your art is uniquely yours.

The competition is never in the distinctive features but your artistic design and creativity. And because polymer clay is a pretty sturdy material, you could be sure your pieces will last a long time. Get inspiration from anything you see. You can start out by using some of the designs available from specialty stores or starter kits. You can modify or embellish on these base designs to add your own mark to the product.

You could also do well by including other items in your line. Polymer clay also works for non-jewelry items like canes and vases, even sassy license plate covers. The possibilities are endless. You can create and sell earring sets, earrings and necklace pairs and sets or even bracelets, bangles and watches – all made of polymer clay. And with the power of internet technology, you can market your products right from the comfort of your own home.